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   Cadet Life

       S1  Cdt Commander: CLTC alex martin                     NUDELMAN  Cdt Executive  officer:  CMAJ Gordon nudelman

        Cadet Dunn Cdt Sergeant Major:  CCSM brittany dunN           SMITH  S1:  CCPT nicolas smith

          ZOU  S2: CCPT bin bing zou                                                          MSNEIL S3:  CCPT skyler Mcneil        

          Cadet Keogh   S4: CCPT CARLY KEOGH                                                         MCKNIGHT S5:  CCPT PAUL MCKNIGHT

         CADET CACERES  s6:  ccpt cesar caceres                                               CESPEDES S8:  cCPT jorge cespedes
       cADET pAK  Nurse mentor:  ccpt chorong pak


Experience the Camaraderie of ROTC

When you become a part of Army ROTC, you're not just working toward a diploma, but an even brighter future as a leader alongside other motivated Cadets. But make no mistake, you're a student first. You'll have a college schedule like your fellow students, but you'll also receive classroom and field courses that will challenge and excite you. Beyond that, you can take part in events and activities with fellow Cadets that will make your college experience even better.

Training and Curriculum

See the kind of hands-on experience ROTC Cadets receive. Whether it's in the classroom or in the field, your leadership training will benefit you more than you thought possible.

 spring ftx



Cadets from University of Utah conducted a Spring Field Training Exercise on13-14 April 2018.  This event is  designed to prepare third-year cadets for their upcoming capstone event this summer at Fort Knox, KY.  Cadets participated in training events such as day and night land navigation, platoon patrolling techniques, weapons maintenance and squad situation training exercises such as reacting to an ambush and direct enemy fire.  The next step is Advance Camp,  a 29 day course that trains ROTC cadets to Army standards, develops their leadership skills and evaluates their officer potential.  

Last Updated: 6/12/18