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Military Science Course Descriptions

Basic Courses

1010 Introduction to the Army and Critical Thinking (2 credit hours)

Acquaints students with leadership, management, and life skills.

1020 Introduction to Profession of Arms (2 credit hours)

Continued leadership development and confidence building through practical exercises.

1060 Military Physical Readiness (1 credit hour)

A concentrated physical training program to prepare students for the rigors of military service and warfare through a systematic physical-conditioning program. Emphasis on cardiovascular and muscular development as well as stamina.

2010 Leadership and Decision Making (3 credit hours)

Development of leadership and management skills through practical exercises, adventure training, and basic military skills. 

2020 Army Doctrine and Team Development (3 credit hours)

Continued progressive development of leadership and management skills.

Upper Division Courses

3010 Training Management and the Warfighting Functions (3 credit hours)

Development of leadership skills within the framework of Army small-unit tactics and leadership.

3020 Applied Leadership in Small Unit Operations (3 credit hours)


3960 Military History Leadership in Adversity (3 credit hours)

This course focuses on situational dynamics during times of conflict. It will introduce students to the dynamic challenges that leaders find themselves while serving in the Military.

4010 The Army Officer (4 credit hours)

Analysis of training management and other staff procedures as they relate to contemporary military leadership.

4020 Company Grade Leadership (4 credit hours)

Company Grade Officership, leadership skills refeinement and application.

2090 Ranger Challenge (2 credit hours)

Concentrated physical- and military-skills training program to prepare students for participation in a regional military skills competition. Intense physical training requirements and rigorous training schedule. Focus on teamwork and physical, mental, and emotional endurance.

Last Updated: 4/20/22